Update : Two die in Mahaicony accident

Members of the public as they assisted the injured on Monday. (Travis Chase)

Two persons are reportedly dead following an accident at Zealand, Mahaicony on Monday.

Dead: Aubrey Ross

According to reports , the driver of a vehicle , Michael Aubrey Ross , was attempting to overtake a combine sometime after 14:00hrs on Monday when he drove into the path of another vehicle. The car , which bears registration PMM  1423, was heading to Berbice at the time.

An eyewitness recalled seeing four passengers including Kevin Madray , two women who are siblings , Jennifer Park and Judy Park  along with the driver being hauled from the car after it ran into a canal nearby. He said the other man , said to be a Surinamese , emerged from the vehicle soon after it ran off the road.

The driver of the car and one of the sisters passed away at the scene.Police are investigating the incident.