Living life, giving service to humanity | Deondra Wishart

Deondra Wishart

SINGLE parent families are widespread all across the globe and often times the children are the ones who are most affected from such a circumstance.

But this 27-year-old overachiever is a proud product of a single parent family and gives all credit to her mom who taught her all the values needed to become the successful woman that she is today.

Meet Deondra Alicia Veronica Wishart, the second of her parent’s seven children. Deondra attended Liana Nursery School, Sacred Heart Primary and St. Joseph High where she attained nine subjects at CXC examinations in 2007. She later started at the University of Guyana in 2012 reading for her Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology. She graduated the University in 2017 with her degree passing with Credit and is currently pursuing a Diploma in Human Resources Management.

Deondra said she grew up with her mother, who was a single parent at that time and it was from this humble beginning that she gained her self-effacing and contented personality. She shared that growing up with a single parent was not easy but it was because of her upbringing and knowing how it feels to have little and not have the luxuries of others around her, that she decided that she must try her best to give back to the less fortunate.
This early passion for “giving back” led Deondra to the Junior Chamber International (JCI) Guyana, of which she was introduced in 2010.

After her first meeting, Deondra decided that that was the place for her. She became a member in February, 2011 and since then has served JCI Guyana as Secretary/ Treasurer – 2011, President – 2012, Immediate Past President – 2013/2014 and Legal Counsel – 2016.
This young woman propelled herself into a national humanitarian and served on JCI West Indies National Board as National Public Relations Officer – 2014, National Vice President responsible for Training of all West Indies states and assigned to JCI Barbados – 2017, and National Vice President Internal – Assigned to the states of JCI Antigua and JCI St. Vincent – 2018.

Apart from serving as a humanitarian, Deondra has also been employed with Banks DIH Limited for the last eight years working within the Engineering Department. It is her dream to become a certified Human Resources Personnel, since she enjoys working with youths and dedicates her time to help make the society that she lives in a better one.

She is passionate about helping youths achieve their goals and be active citizens in their societies.
Living by JCI’s creed as her guide, with her favourite line being, “Service to Humanity is the best Work of Life”, caused her to be actively involved in the advancement of youths in Guyana and as such, she was recently awarded with a National Youth Award from the Ministry of the Presidency – Department of Social Cohesion, Culture, Youth and Sports.

“My passion is to create a world where youths can express themselves freely and be able to shape their future for the better,” she said.