Warder finds cannabis during walkabout


A PRISON warder, who was walking around the inner perimeter of the Camp Street prison compound on Tuesday, saw two small parcels of suspected narcotics taped with transparent scotch tape.
When he opened it, he discovered it was cannabis. The substance when weighed amounted to 157 grammes.

Smuggling of contraband items into the prison facilities, including the maximum security facility at Mazaruni, has been a growing issue.
Acting Director of Prisons Gladwin Samuels had sternly warned that officers found colluding in such activity will face the law.

Samuels had expressed concern about the amount of prohibited items being smuggled into the prisons. Despite regular routine searches over the past few weeks, he explained, contraband items continue to be discovered.
These items, which have been deemed the “minor ones”, include cellular phones, marijuana and local wine.

The situation, he added, should be a concern, as he reminded officers of their duties and sternly warned that those found culpable will face the law.

“Getting rid of contraband in prison cannot be a fight by a few. Collective effort is required. The well-established syndicate may think that they are safe and secure but they cannot be allowed to continue. We will continue our searches and those found to be colluding in trafficking contraband will have to answer to the law. We cannot compromise,” Samuels said.