Guyana Foundation expanding operations

Founder of the Guyana Foundation, Supriya Singh-Bodden

FOUNDER of the Guyana Foundation, Supriya Singh-Bodden, will travel shortly to the United Kingdom to establish a presence of the organisation there for persons who have expressed an interest in contributing to its work.

The mental health education and counselling programmes, the skills training programmes and the community renewal programmes, have touched thousands of lives in a positive way since the organisation was established in 2013. The Foundation will soon open another Sunrise Centre in Georgetown.

The Foundation’s work has gained international support from universities, Scotiabank, other global foundations, Rotary International.

“Guyana needs unity, Guyana needs healing, it is clear that if a road map is not found to sincerely and genuinely create this way forward, our communities will continue to be troubled no matter what any politician says,” Singh-Bodden said.

She added: “We can continue to do our programmes, we can do thousands of programmes but we cannot fix the deep-seated problems in each community, we cannot lift the general fog that pins people down in poverty, making them feel hopeless. We can only do so much. If you read recently of the mother who stabbed her toddler to death and you were horrified then we have to tell you that there is more of this level of dysfunction in our communities. Our work reveals this every day.”

However hard and difficult forging a united Guyana is, she said it has to be done if Guyanese are to really make any headway.

“No one wants to hear from divided leaders. No side is bringing them hope that all will be well; some feel they are taken care of, some feel they are abandoned, that is the nature of the fractured politics of Guyana. Oil cannot help us. We need to be united,” Singh-Bodden explained.

She continued: “We say this with great conviction because we have worked in the villages and we have seen firsthand, that the people are too needy, too shattered, too poor, too troubled. Nice words and photo ops showing some small handout we give to them is no longer enough. We will continue our work because if we stop, there would be a terrible void and one less good thing happening in the lives of the poor people of Guyana. Yes, we have thousands of very poor people whether we want to admit it or not.”

Guyana Foundation is saying a united Guyana is the only way to bring healing to the communities.