No quick fix to accident victim’s condition

Young Matthew Zaman being assisted to sit up (SHEA foundation)

– says SHEA foundation

THERE is “no quick fix” to accident victim, Matthew Zaman’s condition, said the Saving Hands Emergency Aid (SHEA) Foundation, adding that continuous therapy would, however, assist him in regaining some mobility.

Little Matthew Zaman was left paralysed after being hit by a bus in Guyana on December 18, 2017.

Over the past two months, SHEA has actively advocated for medical treatment on Matthew’s behalf.

“We have consulted with several hospitals and specialists in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and a few countries in the Caribbean, including Cuba; however, they have all concluded that Matthew suffered irreversible brain damage and will require life-long care.

“It is difficult to watch Matthew in his current state, he is unable to move his body except for his tongue and eyes; he senses his mother’s touch, but he is unable to return any affection to her. He now breathes through a hole in his neck and is fed through a tube in his nose,” said the foundation in post on its Facebook page.

According to the foundation, since the incident, his mother has been by his side, taking care of him every day. Her only wish is for her son to regain his mobility and be the playful little boy he once was.

In order to ensure that her dream comes through, all funds received by SHEA Charity for Matthew will be turned over to his mother so that she can care for him with some ease.
Matthew’s entire family would like to extend sincere gratitude to everyone who helped in one way or another.

“They remain humble and thankful. Please feel free to reach out to the family directly to offer your assistance whether monetary or supplies for Matthew,” said the foundation.
Monetary donations can be made in-person to his mother, Bibi Shanaz Khan, or via her bank account at Demerara Bank Limited – Account# 1022755. Bibi can be reached at 592-659-6766.

The foundation has informed persons that all funds should be sent directly to Zaman’s mother, as SHEA will no longer accept donations on his behalf.

Young Zaman will however continue to receive therapy through the Ptolemy Reid Rehabilitation Centre.