Just a guy with a guitar | Abel Stokes

Able Stokes

LIVING by the mantra “When music hits you, you feel no pain”, is 23-year-old Abel Stokes. He is a musician, vocalist and graphic designer, who seizes every opportunity he gets, to melt hearts with his voice and musical talent.

Abel expressed that he has a strong passion for music, since it has been his way of escaping emotional pain caused by traumatic experiences during his growing years. He explained that he is lifted in high spirits when he sings.

“I’m inspired by the way music makes me feel and the joy I experience when I perform. Whatever pain I’m feeling or troubles I’m experiencing, music helps. I sing myself into a happy trance. Nothing makes me feel better. And I have seen that singing for people as well, helps me to help others to be happy and seeing my ability to put a smile on someone’s face, makes me even more happy,” he said.

He shared that he always wanted to be a part of musical arts when he was younger but due to certain circumstances, he wasn’t able to do so. But Abel said that his love for music never dwindled, his dream of becoming who he wants to become never seemed impossible, he continued to do what he loved.

“I actually started getting into music seriously in my teens and I had to teach myself. Most of what I know was self-taught because the resources I needed weren’t accessible. But I was determined to specialise myself in this art. I started a band with three other young men like myself and we sang at almost every opportunity we got. But since we are all now busy with our separate lives, I sing mostly solo,” Abel shared.

Despite the challenges in the music industry in Guyana, Abel aspires to be an international artiste travelling and performing his music all over the world. He performs covers but recently started writing and performing his own music at small gatherings, concerts, weddings, and whatever else comes his way.

In his message to other you people, Able admonished them to “believe that anything is possible as long as you want it enough, you will progress and never give up on your dreams. Only you can make your dream a reality.”