Goat thief jailed for escaping from lawful custody

Wazim Perreira

An alleged goat thief , who escaped from the Kitty Police Station because he wanted to go home , was on Monday jailed by the Principal Magistrate Judy Latchman.

Wazim Perreira, a father of two of North Sophia , Georgetown pleaded guilty to the charge which alleged that on August 19 , 2018 while being in custody at the Kitty Police Station pending a criminal charge of larceny of cattle, he escaped from police custody.

The court heard that, Perreira while in custody at police station , requested to use the restroom and a police officer slackened the handcuff on him.  The accused then pushed down the officer and bolted out of the station.

An alarm was raised and hours later , the accused was caught at his North Sophia home.

“I just wanted to go home to see my two children and my wife,” Perreira told the court as he explained that he was frustrated.

Before the charge was read to him , Perreira told the court that he paid the police officer $10,000 to slacken his handcuff in order for him to escape but he later charged his plea to guilty since he did not wish to waste the court time.

He also explained that he did not steal the goat but instead was asked by someone to carry the animal to graze and was caught by the police while tying it.

The Principal Magistrate sentenced Perreira to 18 months jail after considering his early guilty plea.