Inspiring young people through dancehall music

Twenty-year-old Guyanese dancehall artiste, Gabriel Emanuel

– Gabriel Emanuel

SOME may have a negative opinion about dancehall music and the influence it has on young minds. But this 20-year-old local artiste, Gabriel Emanuel, vows to remain committed to his dancehall career and intends to use it to make a positive impact on young people like himself.

Gabriel’s passion comes from his love for dancehall music and admits that his inspiration to take up this career path came from Caribbean artistes. “As a child growing up, I often admired and remarked on the work done by Caribbean artists such as Vybz Kartel and Movado. The rhythm and mood that persons often got listening to those artistes, engulfed my mind with the urge to follow in their footsteps because I want people to feel that way hearing my music,” the young man said.

He shared that overtime, he was able to develop a lyrical talent and writing songs became a part of his everyday routine in addition to entertaining his friends and family. He added that one of his first hit songs was ‘Pree Me’ and this was done in collaboration with fellow artiste ‘Kush’ and recorded at AJ studios.

“With the outburst of Pree Me, although facing criticisms, I continued to push and thrive towards my goal. I aspire to be one of the greatest dancehall artistes of my time and hopefully my music lives on further because dancehall music is a genre that appeals to the youths all over the world. Media has become such a huge influence on everyday life that they listen and grasp what we sing about. My aim is not only to entertain but to send a message to the youths that there is a time for everything and not to live life by the guns and violence,” Gabriel said.

He aspires to change lives with his life story and music. “One of my newest releases ‘In this world’ is an eye opener, as it touched on the impoverishment and crimes prevalent in our country. Growing up, I was faced with both good and bad times and finding the strength to overcome obstacles. I hope the messages I bring forth bring awareness to the challenges Guyana truly faces and not to give up hope and stay true and humble.”

Gabriel encourages youths to aspire to be whatever they choose to be and be blind to the negativity in the world and be deaf to demotivation and deterrence.

He believes that one should invest in their dream, trust themselves and always remember to live pure and humble.