Two GDF officers promoted to substantive colonels

Substantive Colonel Trevor Bowman being decorated with his new badge of rank by Chief-of-Staff, Brigadier Patrick West and his wife Mrs Gee-Gee Bowman

SUBSTANTIVE Lieutenant Colonels Trevor Bowman and Godfrey Bess have been promoted to the rank of Substantive Colonel, the Guyana Defence Force announced on Wednesday.

Their promotions, which took effect from July 1, 2018, were announced by Chief-of-Staff Brigadier Patrick West in accordance with Part III Section 16 of the Defence Act, Cap 15:01 of 1977, following approval by His Excellency the President and Commander in-Chief.

West congratulated the newly promoted colonels after decorating them with their new badges of rank, the GDF said in a release. He urged the officers to continue on their path of excellence. Brigadier West also expressed appreciation to Mrs. Gee-Gee Bowman and Mrs. Shondelle Bess for supporting their husbands’ careers.

Brigadier West revealed that Colonel Bowman will take over the appointment of Inspector General, while Colonel Godfrey Bess will hold the appointment of Quartermaster General. The two appointments, the Chief-of-Staff noted, demand higher levels of responsibility, accountability, and greater efforts to ensure that a standard is upheld throughout the Force. Brigadier West expressed confidence in the officers and encouraged them to continue giving their best, not only for the development of the GDF, but also in service to the people of Guyana.

Substantive Colonel Godfrey Bess being decorated by his wife, Mrs Shondelle Bess and Chief-of-Staff, Brigadier Patrick West

Colonel Bowman acknowledged that with his new rank, comes increased expectations. He thanked his creator and acknowledged his reliance on God’s guidance and providence as he progresses in his career, GDF said. He also expressed appreciation for his wife’s tremendous support particularly when duty called for him to be in locations far away from home. He thanked his superiors for reposing confidence in him, as he supports the further development of the Guyana Defence Force.

For his part, Colonel Bess thanked his wife and family for their support, noting that it was indeed selfless and invaluable. He also thanked the GDF, the Chief-of Staff and the Commander-in-Chief for reposing their confidence in his ability to get the job done. Col. Bess also thanked his fellow Officers and the Ranks with whom he worked and whom, he acknowledged, had enabled his success on the journey to military excellence. He pledged to stay dedicated and committed to the continued pursuit of excellence for the GDF.