Dead bandit’s licence, ammo found in abandoned car


DETECTIVES found an abandoned vehicle in the Ruimveldt Industrial Site and they suspect it to be the property of Ian Forde, one of the five bandits who were shot dead by the police on Tuesday morning as they attempted to carry out a daring wee-hours robbery at a property located at Turkeyen, East Coast Demerara.

On Friday, the police acted on information about the car being in the area for a prolonged period.

When detectives got into the vehicle, they discovered the driver’s licence for Forde as well as several rounds of ammunition.

The police are working on the theory that the men might have travelled to that area with Forde’s car and then joined the taxi which was found at the crime scene on Tuesday morning.

The police were up to late yesterday moving to review CCTV footage from the area to see what other useful information they can come up with.

The car PNN 8866 was discovered Friday morning after security guards who operate in the area realised that the vehicle had been at the location untouched for some time.
On Friday, with the exception of Levi Braithwaite, post-mortems were conducted on all other bandits who were killed on Tuesday morning.

They are Timothy St. Hill, Andrew Daly, Eon Forde and Jermaine Doobay. The post-mortems were conducted by a government pathologist.

Two of the men died from multiple gunshot wounds about the body, while the other two died from gunshot wounds to the head.

A police source indicated that Braithwaite’s post-mortem was not performed as his relatives showed up late to sign certain papers which were critical for performing the post-mortem
On the morning that the men were attempting to invade the house, they were reportedly trying to gain access to a safe which was in the house. However, there has been no indication or disclosures as to what the contents in the safe were.

Meanwhile, following the development on Tuesday, the owner of the home who was slated to move to Guyana with his family immediately decided that he was no longer willing to do so. He indicated to close relatives here that he would be putting the house on the market for sale and will remain in Florida, where he and his immediate family presently reside.