ACP James to now head ‘C’ Division


WITH Marlon Chapman’s resumption of duty from accumulative leave he took earlier this year, Assistant Commissioner of Police Leslie James who commanded the police ‘A’ Division in Chapman’s absence has been reassigned.

According to sources within the police force, the Assistant Commissioner will now head to ‘C’ Division, where he will serve as the commander, taking over from Senior Superintendent Edmond Cooper who has now been asked to serve as Force Training Officer. Cooper will be taking over from Fizal Karimbaksh.

Since Assistant Commissioner James took over the police ‘A’ Division this year, several notable changes have taken place in the division, including the effective monitoring of crime hotspots, frequent engagements between the commander’s office and members of the public, as well as stakeholders meeting.

There was also the strategic placing of a number of officers in supervisory positions which has been yielding success in the division’s operational posture, and as well as the re-engagement between the Guyana Police Force ‘A’ Division and the members of the public.
At the moment there are still a number of senior officers who proceeded on either accumulated or annualised vacation leave earlier this year and continue to be away from the job.

Many of them are expected back before November month-end when the force is usually expected to have its full strength and all hands of deck in preparation for its Christmas Security policing posture.