Causing the PPP/C sleepless nights


Dear Editor
IT is quite obvious that the recent Toshaos elections, at which there was reported interference by the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C), indicates a pattern of undemocratic political behaviour towards our Indigenous peoples by this party. It is the continuation of not allowing the citizens of the hinterland, to choose their community leaders.

And it is now even more frantic, as was the recent examples of seeking to hurl criticisms against the coalition government, in attempts to influence the votes of the people in those communities.

After all, since 2015, the coalition has been unfolding hinterland development programmes that have been impacting the lives of Indigenous peoples and their communities.
As examples, the boats component of President Granger’s Boats, Buses, Bicycles, Breakfast, and Books initiative, has resulted in the significant improvement of hinterland children being able, not only to attend school regularly, but also continue their scholastic development without having to become dropouts.

Many hinterland schools also now have ready access to internet services that are of tremendous assistance in assisting in the preparation of their assignments and general education. Further, there are ICT hubs in many communities, as it is the coalition government’s view that the hinterland and their regions are a part of Guyana, and must therefore be part of the national development process, especially with regard to the acquisition of ICT skills.

Bharrat Jagdeo and company must understand that governance is about socio-economic development in the best interests of the people — all the people, and not sections of the people as his government had so shamlessly demonstrated during their lengthy tenure in office.

Finally, it is about treating our Indigenous peoples with respect and the long overdue dignity which they are now being accorded, as citizens of Guyana and part of the Guyanese family. Their socio-economic development is being implemented in a holistic manner, that will in time elevate their daily lives to the level of their coastal countrymen. This is causing sleepless nights for the PPP/C.

Dillon Goring