Take a trip down memory lane with prayers, games and ‘feteing’


-As SJH prepares for its seventh high school reunion

FORMER students of the St. Joseph High School and interested members of the public can take a trip down memory lane with prayers, games and feteing at the school’s seventh tri-annual reunion.

This year the Guyana Chapter of the Old Students’ Association has taken on the mantle to organise the event and ensure that the activities get the desired response.
As customary for any event to be successful, blessings must be sought from the almighty so the organisers will start the week-long activities with an Interfaith Service on Sunday, July 8 at the school.

Prior to the actual service, there will be a mass at 07:30hrs at the Cathedral of Immaculate Conception (Brickdam Cathedral) on the same day.
On the following day, the organisers have planned an open-day at the school where there will be various exhibits and items on display.

The reunion will take a more formal shift on July 10, when the stakeholders meet to discuss and craft a three-year plan for the school.
Shortly after the meeting, the fun will continue on the same day at the National Cultural Centre where past and present students of the school will entertain the audience during a cultural extravaganza.

The entertainment won’t stop there but, this time instead of choreographed entertainment, persons would get an opportunity to be entertained by nature and the animals which dwell in the outdoors.
They would do so during a tour to Santa Mission, a small indigenous community which is located between Regions Four (Demerara-Mahaica) and Three (Essequibo Islands-West Demerara).

For persons who might not want to be a part of the tour, they could always take a rest or explore other options that might be available.
One of the organisers, Fonseca Peters said if they choose to rest, it won’t last long since the fun continues on July 12 on the school’s patio where the lights will go low but the tunes will amplify for the “Throwback Party”.

“Relive old times and dance to music of your high school years! The Throwback Thursday Party will be a fantastic night of nostalgia on SJH’s iconic patio. It is set to be a fun night of dancing, love and laughter fueled by great music, drinks, food and conversation. Enjoy special giveaways and some of Guyana’s best DJs,” she said.
The activities continue to be fun and even a bit more nostalgic because on July 13, there will be a games day/night right at the school.

Peters said: “Join us for an afternoon and night of fun and games! From organised friendly competitions of Saul Out, Hop Scotch and Dog and the Bone during the day to dominoes, card games, storytelling, and Karaoke at night. It will be and event to remember as we reminisce on the intense rivalry of inter-house and other sporting events at SJH, and perform like your favourite artiste”.

Although the sadness might step in on the final day, persons would get another chance to interact with their schoolmates at the grand Gala and Ball at the Pegasus Hotel on July 14.
The association has partnered with AnsaMcal and Banks DIH for some of the activities and they also have a special partnership with Herdmanston Lodge and Pegasus, which will be providing special rates to persons who will be participating in the activities.

Fly Jamaica will also be offering special rates to persons who will be travelling from overseas countries to Guyana for the reunion.
In order to ensure that the activities are sustained, there will be charges for a few of the activities in the list.

Tickets for the Gala and Ball cost $12,000; tickets for the throwback party are $1,000; the cost of the tour is $18,000 and the cost of the talent extravaganza varies from $1,000, $1,500 and $2,000.

Persons who are interested in participating in the activities are asked to register or buy their tickets at the school or visit the Google link which could be found on the St. Joseph High School’s Old students’ Association Page.