Corentyne man dies after being pinned by tractor

Dead : Alvin Dubria

A 20 -year-old man lost his life on Monday morning after he was pinned by a tractor he was operating.

The young man , Alvin Dubaria called “Tiger Dag” of  Lot 65 Kilmonack, East Berbice Corentyne was preparing rice fields for cultivation around 10:00hrs , some three miles in the Philippi backlands when the tragedy occurred.

According to the man’s employer Heera Nauth called “Bomber” , he along with Dubria and others  left early in the morning with two tractors to plough the fields when the tractor he was operating encountered some mechanical issues.

He said he stopped at a camp to fix the problem while Dubaria continued operating the other tractor. He recalled that after some time passed and he did not see Dubaria passing by he decided to investigate with another worker. He said it was then that they saw that the tractor had toppled and that it pinned Dubaria in the process.

“After he didn’t pass back me and another worker decided to check up on him and we see the tractor topple over. So we hurry and when we reach we see he hand and foot in the air but the rest of his body buried down, he did done dead already and how he did pin down we could not get he out,” the man said.

He said he immediately called out to Dubaria relatives and others to notify the police who arrived and did their investigations.
Eventually it took three tractors and several hours before the men were able to upturn the tractor and remove the body sometime after 16:00 hrs. Dubaria’s body was taken to the Port Mourant hospital mortuary.

A sister of Dubaria told this publication that upon receiving the news she was shocked and had hoped it was not her brother , despite being told repeatedly it was him. Her fears were confirmed when she saw the man’s body when it was brought out of the backlands.

She stated that her brother has been working in the rice industry for over 5 years, doing various tasks but started operating tractors over the past 2 years.

Police are investigating the incident.