All roads lead to Carnival Parade Saturday

[Seated from left] Deputy Mayor of Georgetown, Akeem Peter; Chairman of the Guyana Carnival, Bobby Vieira; Deputy Commander for ‘A’ Division Errol Watts and Deputy Superintendent Dennis Stephens, briefing the media on Thursday

AS the activities organised for Guyana Carnival draw near to a close, all roads will lead to the Genesis Road Parade on Saturday where scores of revellers will showcase their elaborate costumes.

Speaking to members of the media was chairman of the carnival, Bobby Vieira, who disclosed the parade route.

The parade leaves from the newly built Kitty Roundabout and heads south along the eastern half of Vlissengen Road to the D’Urban Park. Assembly time is 10:00hrs and the parade leaves at 11:00 hours.

There will be no ‘floats’ as Guyanese are accustomed to seeing during the Mashramani celebrations. Rather, there will be people in five sections — each showing off their costumes.

Vieira encouraged families with children to go to the D’Urban Park to enjoy the spectacle since the revellers will be parading around the park.

After this, the revellers will take a short break to refuel and then march from D’Urban Park along the western section of Vlissengen Road onto Thomas Road, then to the National Park for the highly anticipated soca rave.

To facilitate this event, there will be several road closures, Deputy Superintendent Dennis Stephens said.

No vehicular traffic will be able to proceed west on Homestretch and Mandela Avenues and along the parade route.

He warned that the revellers and patrons will be using the roadways, and as such motorists should adhere to the closures. He also advised patrons and revellers to carpool and appoint designated drivers.

Meanwhile, Vieria said the carnival events have been going good thus far.

“As far as I know, we’ve had an incident-free carnival,” he said, noting that he is “overwhelmingly pleased” with the support from the Guyana Police Force (GPF).

“There has been no major activity that would cause a dent on this carnival activity,” Deputy Commander for ‘A’ Division and Senior Superintendent, Errol Watts said.

This was attributed to diligent work by police officers.

“We will ensure that all those persons who are visiting and who are here attending these functions will be safe at all times,” Watts assured.

And for vendors who may wish to ply their trade, Deputy Mayor of Georgetown Akeem Peter, said this can be done along Vlissengen Road where spots have been demarcated.

Spots between Thomas Road to the seawall carry a cost of $10,000; between Thomas Road and Lamaha Street, $12,000 and between Lamaha and Church Streets and between Church Streets to D’Urban Park $15,000.