MOPI CORE making a difference in communities


Dear Editor,
OVER the weekend I was sent a video by a good friend of mine on Facebook. The video is part of a newscast of a very famous television station in Guyana that spread lies and tries to deceive the people. This very television station is linked to one of the worst newspaper in Guyana that peddled almost 75 per cent lies against the government daily. Anyway, I do not look at that newscast neither do I read the worst times lies newspaper. I decided to open the link and the headline for that particular news item which says “CORE WORKERS BEING USED TO GET GOVERNMENT MONIES INTO PRIVATE POCKETS”.
I am not surprised at the headline, as I said before and will say again, that the television station and its agent newspaper are not worthy of watching or reading. How can the workers being used when they are being paid to do a job? I agree the workers pockets are private, so when they draw their salaries I do believe that they put their monies into their private pockets.

What amazes me is that not only the two gentlemen who are high political leaders in the PPPís Region Six administration, blundered or lied to the nation but also a letter writer did same. It is unfortunate when people try to lie to this nation and the nation is awakening to not accepting it. It was carried, as if those very people want to let the nation believe that they are fighting for them, but they are trying to betray them in believing the lies they are spreading about this government and CORE.

One of the PPP people said that they don’t know who really takes care of CORE, which ministry. He even went on further to say that the Ministry of Communities and the Ministry of Public Infrastructure denied knowing about CORE workers. Well, that’s a fat lie, why would a ministry that takes care of CORE across Guyana deny its own responsibility? At every group launched in the various regions throughout Guyana, it is being made public via the media, while another one of the persons on the newscast is calling for CORE to fall under the region just like the CIIP workers. So, if one is to listen carefully they will realise that both gentlemen are trying to deny knowledge as to which ministry CORE falls under, but yet want it to be just like the CIIP workers that fall under Ministry of Communities.
It was a nice piece of laugh at the end because according to those PPP persons they don’t know who takes care of CORE, but fighting for them to fall under CIIP. It begs the question as to who are they fighting for CORE to fall under CIIP? Are they begging the hospital admin for CORE to fall under CIIP?

What was more laughable is when one of the persons started to talk about the payments for those CORE workers. They want people to believe that the workers’ salaries are being paid to the Volunteer Coordinator and then he pays them. That’s laughable because those workers are not working under any or no personal contractor but under a Ministry. How would almost 20 workersí salaries be paid to one man when all of the workers are contracted to the Ministry?

It is sad that the PPP is calling for workers to be paid a minimum wage, but yet for all, the same PPP guys are saying that the salaries for CORE workers are too high. The entire PPP is losing it and it seems that it is spreading fast across Guyana. The facts of CIIP are that PPP created that arm for votes. They used to hire their very own and get them at elections time to weed and clean places for their public meetings and rallies. They use to get those very workers putting up posters and distributing flyers in a house to house style, etc. In Region Five, CIIP workers are working less than two hours day manually, most of the times they sit and chat. I have made several complaints about CIIP workers esp. in the PPP-managed NDCs.

The facts are that CORE falls under the Ministry of Public Infrastructure. CORE has been doing a fantastic job whether when they are slashing road shoulders, street corners or playfields, etc. CORE also multi-tasks not only slashing but they are enhancing surroundings and public spaces. Workers do the painting of schools, kiddies corners, religious buildings, cleaning of drains, etc. In Region Five, CORE workers are highly praised for their work because they are committed and ensure that the communities are enhanced. In Region Five also workers are being used to help various organisations be it government, religious, sports, private citizens (elderly, disable and poor) by saving thousands of dollars, and I can say millions of dollars per year when it comes to school, health and other government compounds within the regions. So those who want to discredit CORE must do a countrywide check, not because it’s better than CIIP will make you want to bad mouth it. I understand and the country knows that the PPP is ëbad-mouthingí every development taking place, although they are enjoying a clean and green environment in a better Guyana today under this APNU+AFC Government, which they couldn’t have done in 23 years.
I urge the ministers of Public Infrastructure to strengthen CORE in the days to come by ensuring that it’s bigger and better. I have already told Minister David Patterson as to how CORE can further help as such little things can make the entire PPP get crazier. I do hope that the Hon. Minister will use that and let us make Guyana clean and green in small ways by having our communities\villages being enhanced.

For those who want to cuss out the Government and MOPI, especially CORE, here is a little saying for you that will go a long way “the eyes are useless if the mind is blind”. Progress breeds enemies and the entire PPP mind has been blinded to the development countrywide and the good works of CORE and this government. Guyana letís cooperate as we work together with this government for a better Guyana and “A Good Life For All”.

Abel Seetaram
Regional Councillor
Region Five