‘Narco in food’ smuggler busted

The food items which the woman attempted to smuggle into the prison

A WOMAN was on Tuesday busted as she attempted to smuggle a quantity of marijuana into the Camp Street jail where her reputed husband, a murder accused, is on remand.
Nichola Clark, 60, of Joseph Pollydore Street, Lodge, was detained by prison officers after the illegal substance was found in two food boxes in her possession.

The food was intended for murder suspect Orpheus Johnson, and was placed in a white `Thank You’ plastic bag.
Reports indicate that one box contained plain rice and curry with a neat parcel of marijuana, while the other had cook-up rice and another parcel of marijuana.

When the items were discovered, the woman was promptly arrested and handed over to the police. She was taken to the Alberttown Police Station and up to press time was being questioned.

Clark is expected to make a court appearance this week.
Her reputed husband was charged for the murder of Travis Rudder who was killed at the home of his girlfriend in Nandy Park in 2015.

In that attack, the man’s young child and his girlfriend were also injured and hospitalised for a prolonged period.