592 Movement launches studio

The spanking new 592 Movement Studio.

FOR just about a year, the 592 Movement- which consists of local artistes- have been working to set up a studio and the hard work has finally paid off.

The 592 Movement Studio is completed and is now housed at the home of singer Jumo “Rubber Waist” Primo at Lot 180 Lodge Housing Scheme, Georgetown.

Even though the studio is fully equipped it is not opened to the public yet since Primo is expected to release his new rhythm (medley) soon.

The compilation of songs, titled “Nuff Mouth “comprises of six artistes such as Blaze Antonio, Trevon Vibes, Quacy Ace, Lil Red Diana Chapman, Lil Million and Jump Primo.

He told The Buzz that he is involved in the video production of the medley which is being done at the 592 Movement Studio with producer Timon Fraser from Linden and video by New Breed.

Primo said that the 592 Movement Studio will be officially open later this year to the public but for now, they will focus on doing advertisements, voice-overs, dubs and drops and other in-house recordings.

Primo’s happenings
Primo said that while some persons missed him on Mash day, he was indeed a part of the activities by collaborating with the Ministry of Cohesion’s Band.

He is now preparing for Carnival in Guyana which will last two weeks in May. He announced that, in association with popular local producer Drew Thoven, they will be launching 52 songs, five of which have already been released.

Other songs were done by Big Red, Lil Million, and Kwasi Ace namely Pelt It, Follow the Leader, Double Up, Work It and Genesis.

He said the video for the song “Jam It” will be released for Guyana’s Carnival along with three other songs.

Tomorrow, Primo will also be performing live at the Strip Bar, Giftland mall from 20:00hrs and he will be in Bartica on Independence Night for the Road Tramp and Show.