‘Tear Drop’ freed on $1.1M robbery charge

Leon Clarke called “Tear Drop”

ONE-TIME local, social media sensation Leon Clarke, called `Tear Drop’ was on Tuesday freed from a $1.1M robbery charge committed on a La Penitence businessman last year.

The 23-year-old West La Penitence resident was charged with, while being in the company of others on September 8, 2017, robbing Vincent Howard of $980,000 in cash, $175,000 worth of GTT phone cards, $50,000 worth of Digicel phone cards and $80,000 worth of scratch tickets.

Clarke was freed from the charge by Magistrate Faith McGusty due to the lack of evidence which was raised by his attorney Keoma Griffith, during a no-case submission.

According to the victim, during the robbery his daughter had positively pointed out Clarke as one of the perpetrators. She was able to point him out as the alleged robber seeing him on Facebook, she said.