Third suspect charged for raid on Canje ranch


A third person has been charged in connection with a robbery under arms offence committed at a cattle ranch, at Potoko Creek, Canje River, where a flock of sheep and articles, valued $1,375,000, were stolen from farmhand Bharrat Mahadeo last Friday.
Rondel Crawford called ‘BV Mouth’ and ‘Bobby Head’, of Betsy Ground, East Canje, was not required to plead when the matter was heard at the New Amsterdam Court before Senior Magistrate Alex Moore. He was unrepresented by counsel.

Particulars of the offence stated that on Friday, March 2, 2018 at Potoko Creek, Canje River, while in the company of others, and armed with guns, Crawford allegedly robbed Bharrat Mahadeo of 24 sheep, valued $1.2M; a solar panel ($75,000), a flashlight valued ($4,000), four lengths of rope ($24,000), 15 ducks ($30,000) a cutlass ($2000), a radio ($2500), a horse bit ($10,000) and a Nokia cellphone ($5,000) totalling $1,375,000, property of Krishna Persaud.

Police Inspector Bernard Browne, prosecuting, objected to pre-trial liberty on the grounds that the indictable offence was serious. Further, Browne informed the Court that on March 26, the separate charge will be withdrawn, and a joint charge will be instituted on Crawford, along with Timothy Sampson and Lawrence Van Lewin.
On Monday Timothy Sampson, aged 30 of Adelphi Village, East Canje and Lawrence Van Lewin 24, of Sand Hills, Berbice River were charged and appeared before Magistrate Alex Moore. They were also remanded until March 26.

On March 2, acting on information, Berbice Police Division ranks, headed by the Divisional Detective travelled to Potoko Creek, Canje River, where they intercepted a boat in which Sampson and Van Lewin were occupants.

Acting on further information, they found the animals and the other articles, inside another boat. But, as the plainclothes policemen disembarked from their motor vessel, they were fired upon, and, responding likewise, two men, suspected to be gang members, were fatally shot.

A twelve-gauge pump action shotgun, a .32 pistol, 11 live cartridges, and 5 live.32 rounds were found in possession of the defendants, while three spent cartridges and a .32 spent shell were retrieved at the scene. Further charges are to be instituted.