Drumming to his own beat

The drummer on stage.

For 23-year-old Ryan Fredericks, drumming is a passion he is not willing to part with even though he has a daytime job.

This enterprising young man is a drummer attached to the Shakti Strings Band as well as the Behold the Jury Band (a rock band) and his job entails creativity, pulse, flair, innovation among other things.

Fredericks told The Buzz that although he never received any formal training in drumming, it is safe to say he is good at it. He began playing drums at the South Road Full Gospel Church at age five and it stayed with him throughout the years. As time progressed, he managed to sharpen his skills which later led him to joining the band.

Fredricks comes from a family of musicians and feels that drumming is his true calling. He has been a drummer with Shakti Strings band for two years and the other band, Beholder the Jury for five years. He expressed that he is most happy when he is on stage.

According to Fredericks that is where the adrenalin rush kicks in and he is truly happy which brings out the best in him performance wise.

He has a full-time job as a Customer Service Representative with GTT and practices three times per week at the band room with other band members at North Road.

Fredericks plays his drums at special events, parties and other functions the band is booked to perform. He also enjoys playing the Congo and Pajon drums since he grew up listening to jazz and reggae music.

Fredericks is a simple guy who believes that when one does what they love it is natural since they are pleased with what they do and it is not a burden.

His goal is to open his own restaurant where live music is played for his customers and he says that he will work toward achieving this dream.

This talented drummer’s favourite quote is “Success isn’t always about ‘Greatness’ it’s about consistency. Consistent hard work which leads to success. Greatness will come” a motto that has motivated him throughout the years.