Pomeroon agro-processor seeks bigger market for local products

Denis Campbel with his products

By Indrawattie Natram

A FATHER of six from the Kabakaburi Amerindian community in Upper Pomeroon in Region Two said that he takes pride in selling his locally made cassareep and honey. Denis Campbel, however, said that he hopes to find a larger market for his products so that his business can be more productive and prosperous.

Campbel said that he spends numerous hours processing locally made cassareep and honey and then sells his produce at the Anna Regina Market. By now, the name Campbel is well known in the area since almost every day Campbel and his daughter are at the Anna Regina market selling their local products.

Campbel, who started his business years ago said that it is his only form of income and that it sustains the livelihood for himself and family. Commenting on sales, he said that the market for these locally made products fluctuates but he never gives up faith. He said on a monthly basis he is left with a few bottles, however, because of his love for what he does, he continues with courage and determination.

“I have a passion for farming, I love my independence and it’s something I am doing to support my family. I will not give up my trade, however, more market for my products will lead to more profit for me,” Campbel said.

Campbel said when he does not get the chance to process the cassava or honey he would venture to Marawarin, Region One and Moruca, to support local agro-processors in those areas. He said that many housewives in those areas depend on him to purchase their locally-made cassareep but the process is becoming expensive. He related that he usually has to travel long hours in the rough terrain to reach out to these housewives.

“The single mothers in those isolated areas make their own cassareep and honey. I go and I buy by the gallons. They depend on me to provide for their families, many of them work beyond hours to process quality cassareep for the market. They would call me in advance for me to come buy from them. I feel very honoured to support these women and to purchase their cassareep but then there is no market” Campbell said.

He said that based on the economy he would sometimes drop the prices for his products to reach his customers’ pockets.

When asked what he feels can be done by the Government to support local entrepreneurs, agro-processors and vendors like himself, he said the establishment of a Small Business Bureau within Region Two. He said with that, persons would be able to access the services, grants and loans to support their local business. He said once the Bureau is set up, then small businesses can benefit and support would be given to them especially when the economy is slow and profits are not being made.