Some city hotels found wanting

City officials responding to reporters at a press conference on Friday

–King promises court action if they don’t conform

CHIEF Environmental Health Officer, Mr. Carl Dey told reporters on Friday how the Mayor and City Council (M&CC) last year registered a number of hotels in the city although they had not met all of the requirements.

This, he said, was in keeping with the City Council’s need for cash at the time. Dey was speaking at a City Hall press conference that was hosted by Town Clerk Royston King and various officers of the council.

This year, though, he said those 15 to 20 hotels which may be lacking will be taken to court if they refuse to meet the full requirements. A notice will, of course, be served on them first, he stated. The city has between 85 and 90 hotels.  At the moment, the city council has a mere three officers who are going around to conduct checks at the hotels, although another six to eight more are needed, Chief Meat and Food Inspector, Onica Alleyne disclosed.

The town clerk offered that in 2018, the City Council will be moving to administratively organise the way it treats with common lodging houses, hotels, guest houses, and bed-and-breakfast places.

“We will do this by increasing our inspections, and requiring owners to faithfully adhere to the appropriate by-laws and regulations,” King said.
“All such businesses must be properly registered with the Council; those that do not meet the standards will not be registered,” he added.

He also said that the council is continuing to receive reports of hotel owners operating places without proper sanitary conveniences.
“In one case, the owner has only plastic butter bowls with water for guests to wash their hands after they have concluded their activities.

“Some have smelly, torn mattresses while others have flooring, walls and roofs with gaping holes accommodating termites, rats and roaches.”

This year, King said, the municipality will resume grading all common lodging houses operating in the city, and will publish the names and grades of all such businesses in the media.

“This is necessary in order to give full measure to the protection of all citizens and individuals who use these businesses,” the town clerk warned.