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Cindyann Khan, Miss Guyana Talented Teen 2017

Guyana Talented Teen 2017, Cindyann Khan and her fight against Climate Change

By Tamara Tucker
ON November 5, 2017, the charming and beautiful 19-year-old Cindyann Khan emerged victorious above several other beautiful young women and copped the Miss Talented Teen 2017 title. This was the second pageant for the young beauty, who hails from Enterprise, East Coast Demerara. Cindyann first took part in the Miss North Georgetown Secondary School Pageant while she was a student at the institution. There, she copped the First Runner-Up title.

Cindyann Khan believes young people should be smart and make careful decisions

It was after competing in that pageant that Cindyann developed an interest in pageantry, she told `The Buzz’ in an interview. The aspiring lawyer stated that this interest revolves around developing not only herself but making a difference in lives of people in her community. “I believe that every good opportunity is a learning experience and every experience will prepare you for what is ahead,” she said.

The outspoken teen said that she also found that pageantry gives young women a voice that they can use to influence the youths in a positive way and also show every teenage girl out there that they can be confidently beautiful with a heart that seeks to pursue a passion with a purpose in order to make a difference in their community, country and even in the lives of people. “Pageantry is not all about winning and wearing the crown. It is all about what you do after winning, serving and striving to be the best person you can be to inspire other people to be the best of themselves whatever may happen,” she said.

This captivating teen has a compassionate love for nature which led her to use climate change as her platform. “I believe that in the beginning, God created the earth he created us as stewards of it,” she said. “As such, I think we should all try to be a part of the solution and not the problem because climate change is a great threat, it is real and therefore should be one of our top priority.”

With this passion to ensure that we take responsibility in fighting against climate change, Cindyann intends to promote her platform by visiting schools and educating others on ways which they all can fight climate change collectively. Cindyann has been receiving support from organisations such as Simply Royal and she added that the Queens’s Young Leader, Samantha Sheopersaud has also been a major help in making this project a successful one.

The reigning Miss Talented Teen explained that God is her role model and he inspires her daily through his words to be the best version of herself, to use her abilities and capabilities for his glory by loving and helping those around her, nevertheless apart from God, she explained that her parents are her biggest role models as they constantly inspire her and mold her into becoming the person she is.

Cindyann said that it is important for young people to be involved in societal issues or leadership at such a young age because she believes that at that stage in their lives, young people have the energy to combine their skills and capacities in order to make positive contributions to the country.

“We are all full of potential, new visions and lots of creativity,” she said. She also believes that in a world where there are constant distractions, young people can stay focused by seeking advice constantly as well as asking themselves at every moment, ‘Is this necessary?’ “By evaluating everything we do, we may be able to make better choices, stay focused and engaged in that which we are most passionate about,” she said.

Cindyann’s advice to teenagers is to follow their dreams. “Life has a purpose. Your story counts, your voice matters, follow whatever you want to become and pursue and hold on to it because your passion can take you a far way,” she said.