New music video from Vanilla

Vanilla (centre) poses in costume with some young dancers from her new video ‘Family’

Promotes ‘Family’ values

TOMORROW,fans of local soca artiste Vanilla will get an early treat for the New Year in the form of a new music video for her single ‘Family’. The video for the song, which was released last year, will be launched on the National Communications Network (NCN) at 15:30hrs. In an interview with `The Buzz’, Vanilla said that inspiration for the song and its video came after Mashramani 2017.

“The experience I had on the road while singing and displaying an individual costume in the Natural Resources Band gives me hands-on experience, one that was different from on top the truck. What made it unforgettable was the memories of the love I received from fans plus winning the Road March [title]. The events of that day and the discussion I had with my writer Mr.[Birchmore] Simon birthed the song ‘Family’,” Vanilla said.

Meanwhile, the songstress continues to work on her album though she admits that she has encountered some challenges due to her busy schedule. “I didn’t just want to release an album, it must be an album that will surprise my fans, so I’m not going to rush it anymore. I have learnt that time can be your friend too,” she said. But even while making the most of that time, and even as yet another New Year has come upon us, Vanilla said that there are still grievances that she has with regard to the state of the local music industry.

“It pains me to talk about the music business in Guyana. Building an industry of any kind takes some form of trust, cooperation and the willingness to work toward common goals. I don’t know when that will happen,” she said. But, like most artists who are destined to make it by hook or by crook, Vanilla said that she will continue to do her best to aid in contributing to the development of the industry in any way she can.

Vanilla has also racked up quite the reputation on the Mashramani scene over the years, having copped the Road March Queen title multiple times over the years as well as her participation in the Soca Monarch Competition and Mash Fit.

This year will be no different. “I am totally looking forward to Mash Fit 2018. I miss all the faces and energy of the people who always attend,” she said. Mash Fit will run until just before Mashramani in February and Vanilla is encouraging persons to come out on Monday-Friday from 17:0hrs hrs at the GCC ground.

“and experience the joys of keeping fit and having fun while doing it cause we will ‘Run Things like one ‘Family’.”