Canada Surplus (Guyana) supports RHTY&SC cricket teams


PLANS by the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club to expand its cricket development programme in 2018, received a massive boost when Canada Surplus (Guyana) donated $100 000 and a large quantity of educational materials.

The donation which was organised by club member, Royston Crandon, was timely as they unveiled major plans to expand the Club’s programme as it strives to maintain its status as one of Guyana’s leading cricket clubs.

Club Secretary/CEO, Hilbert Foster, expressed gratitude to the company and its president, Pramchand Pitam Punwasi, for the contribution which would be used to purchase cricket balls and coaching equipment for the cricket season.

Foster stated that the programme is scheduled to start in February 2018, due to massive restoration work being done on the Area ‘H’ Ground and the current rainy season.

Once the upgrade of the ground is completed, the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club would start an all-year training programme consisting of an elite 50-member Junior squad.

Foster explained that the members of the elite squad are the future stars of the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club and include several national and Berbice players.

Among the players are Kelvin Sinclair, Kevlon Anderson, Junior Sinclair, Keith Simpson, Chanderpaul Govindan, Tyrese Sealey, Jonathan Rampersaud, Mahendra Gopilall, Vijay Gopilall, Lucas Arthur, Sylus Tyndall, Uma Matadin, Mariam Samaroo, Angelino Ramdihal, Christopher Deroop, Matthew Pattaya, Reyad Rahaman, Joshua Wilson, Matthew Prass, Tyrese Park, Vishal Naidu, Sanjay Singh and Jeremy Sandia.

The Programme will include three days compulsory cricket practice, daily physical fitness sessions, classroom lectures and a series of cricket matches against other cricket clubs drawn from across Guyana.

There will be a monthly junior cricketer incentive scheme to honour outstanding players. Personal cricket gears will be given to members as well as assistance for their attendance at school.

Educational matters on the history, rules, tradition and records of cricket, as well as plans for the construction of an indoor cricket practice facility will be forwarded.

The club’s developmental programme would be headed by Ravindranauth Kissoonlall, while he would be supported by Mark Papannah, Shawn Pereira, Keith Hicks, Sohan Harry, while the Club Secretary/CEO would sit in at meetings as an advisor.