GuySuCo CEO quitting year-end

GuySuCo CEO Errol Hanoman

GuySuCo Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Errol Hanoman will be parting ways with the sugar company when his contract ends this year-end.
This is according to chairman of the corporation Dr. Clive Thomas, during a telephone interview with the Guyana Chronicle on Wednesday.

Dr Thomas explained that the CEO opted not to renew his contract with the company due to other commitments, noting that his departure has nothing to do with the issuance of redundancy letters to some 400 sugar workers.
He said Hanoman has made personal sacrifices to head the company and has now made a decision.

“In terms of persuading him to stay, I have been persuading him for the last two and [a] half years. I don’t think I could persuade him any longer. He has made a lot of sacrifices — personal sacrifices — and he will be leaving by the end of the year.”

Hanoman previously served as CEO of GuySuCo under the former People’s Progressive Party administration before opting to resign in 2010, after serving just one year in the post. Then, he had cited “personal reasons” for his resignation.

At the time of his last appointment, the then government was trying to turn around the fortunes of GuySuCo and years after he rejoined the corporation, the new government is trying to do the same thing.

Hanoman had said earlier this year that the company’s board and management have the firm view that GuySuCo has for years been running down its good estates to keep the poorly performing estates afloat.