Toxic Shade of Beauty launched at Tower Suites

Owner of Toxic Shade of Beauty, Askalee Wray with two customers at the opening

‘Where clientS become friends and friends become family’

By Abigail Brower
Last Saturday, the beauty industry received a boost with the launch of Toxic Shade of Beauty at Tower Suites. The launch of the business also served as an introduction to the partnership companies Rhoda Doxa African Fashion and Makeup by XN.

Makeup Artist Nacassi Adams with a client

Speaking at the launch, founder and technician of Toxic Shade of Beauty, Askalee Wray noted that the launch of the business was long overdue and now that it is opened, the business will seek to enhance customer services and change the customer experience in a meaningful way. She thanked those who helped in the successful completion of the partnership, including her customers. “The partnership of businesses serves as an avenue for teaching customers to cherish their beauty both on their skin and hair as well as a fabric piece of clothing to wear,” she said.

The Beauty Technician offered an overview of the business team and introduced the owners of the professional team: Rhoda Doxa African Fashion by Deborah Khinde and Makeup by XN -Nacassi Adams. The collaboration among the three is chock full of original African Print designs from countries such as Ghana, Nigeria, Cote d’ Ivoire and Tanzania. Maybelline and Sasha Makeup also make up part of what the business will offer as well as a general salon that will make all its customers’ beauty needs a reality and forms part of its mission statement: “To supply services and products to enhance our customers’ physical appearance and mental relaxation.’’

Business partners Askalee Wray (left), Deborah Khinde(centre) and Nacassi Adams (right) (Photos by Adrian Narine)

According to Wray, the timing was right for starting this new venture and after searching four months ago for the perfect location, one was finally found. The demand from customers as well as highly professional and qualified beauticians to support the partnership business, has made the business one of great potential.

The launch attracted new and existing customers who are keen and excited about the new business initiative. Customers were also treated to gifts as the three business partners walked around the Tower Suites and distributed gift certificates to their oldest clients as part of the recognition plan.

Deborah Khinde, owner of Rhoda Doxa African Fashion and Nacassi Adams, owner of Makeup by XN, have worked in boutiques and malls in Georgetown for the past two years. Khinde has created a large client following through hard work and dedication getting the best and original African Print designs at affordable prices. Nacassi believes that the team has what it takes to make this venture an extremely successful one.

“As a team, we expect our growing reputation to lead to new clients to support our anticipated growth,” she said.

Talking about the trio’s business plans for the future, the three ladies said the opening of a partnership business marks a new chapter in their lives and they are finding more energy now and it’s great that they can make most of it. The opening of a collaborative business marks a new chapter in the lives of the beauticians.