Meet Jermaine King, the 6’5”inch all-rounder.

Jermaine King (centre) poses with teamamates after the Digicel Schools football victory

`I want to become the best in the world’

By: Colin Bynoe
AT 16 years and standing 6’5, Jermaine Dorwin King strides lankily to the starting line, and with a wave, he acknowledges the applause of his supporters in the stands when his name is made known.

All eight (8) runners come together to their respective lanes; King’s demeanor suggests he has done this before. Jermaine’s supporters in the stands anticipate a grand finish. The starter utter “on your mark”, a slight pause in the air create an aura of excitement; “set” then the gun goes pow!. King reacts to the gun late, into the drive phase he goes with his lengthy strides; by 60 metres into the race his top speed emerges.

At this point Paraguay’s Fabrizio Aquino takes the lead. Guyana’s young star Jermaine King accelerates, pushing himself to the limit with a slight grimace on his face as he strides to make his country proud.
The race to the podium seems evident for Guyana at 80 metres, as he steps on the gas; King dips at the finish line with three other competitors’ effortlessly close to him; photo finish– what a race! Paraguay’s Fabrizio Aquino won in 10.92 seconds, Guyana takes silver with a registered time of 10.963 seconds, while Colombia’s Gian Mosquera comes in third with a time of 10.966 seconds.

Born to Michelle Forde on the 10th day of February, 2001, Jermaine Dorwin King (Big King) resides with his mother in the quiet village of Forth Ordinance, East Canje Berbice.
He’s a fifth form student at Canje Secondary. Jermaine prides himself in seeing his mother happy when he’s on the field–whether playing Basketball, football or even when involved in athletics.

According to the Collins English Dictionary, an “All Rounder” is a versatile person skilled in many areas, especially in sports.
Jermaine King represented Guyana in two separate disciplines this year–at the 2017 Centrobasket U-17 Basketball Championship, and quite recently at the 2017 South American Youth Games in Chile.

“My mother Michelle Forde encouraged me to play Basketball and also Athletics”he said. His exploits in the Centrobasket Championship so far reads 9 Ppg, 11Rpg, and 0.2 Apg. When asked, “Which you enjoy more, Athletics or Basketball?” King positively responded “Athletics”. He started ‘running’ at age 15 at his school’s Inter House Sports.

He ran the 100m in which he placed fourth. Although finishing fourth, King was spotted by ‘Coach Callie’. Callie took the young man under his charge and ‘perked’ up his talent.
Young King, from Forth Ordinance, relishes the competitiveness that athletics poses and also savours seeing his mother happy and the people around him happy.

Sharing his experience on his major achievement thus far at the 2017 South American Youth games, where he participated for the first time overseas in the sprint double–100m and 200m—he said, “It was hard at first but I had to face it”.
His preparation for a race includes several run-outs and maintaining a good warm-up. In the 200m he was edged from a podium finish, registering a hard-fought fourth place. In the feature event—the 100m finals–he skillfully brought home the silver medal for Guyana, cherishing his moment at the games.

On the lighter side of things and sharing more of his experiences in his short Athletics career to date, “Big king” tells of some changes he has encountered since his rise to prominence. “People are paying more interest in me, and I start having more girls”.
Regardless of these changes, “Big king” is focussed on what he wishes to achieve. His desire is to continue running, and if possible secure a scholarship to develop his all-round ability and make a name for himself. Let’s wish the young man continued success.
“I want to become the best in the world, better than Bolt”, he concluded.