Berbice woman allegedly raped at knife point


A 24-year-old mother of one is pleading for justice after she was held at knife point and allegedly raped in the presence of her five-year-old son last Friday in a Corentyne village.
The woman is calling for justice, since the suspect is roaming the streets and despite several visits to the police station, nothing has been done.

According to the woman, on the night in question, her husband who is a rice farmer was out irrigating his fields and was expected to come in late, so she left her bedrrom door unlocked while she slept with their five-year-old son.

The suspect who is known to them was in the rice fields imbibing, while the men worked and he slipped away from them to attack and rape her knowing that her husband was still in the fields. “I hear the door open and thought it was my husband. I put on the phone light and see is one 1 ‘o’ clock, cause he didn’t turn on the lights, but by the time I realise it was not he, the man put a knife to me neck and cover me mouth. He say if me nah do wah he want he guh kill me and my son,” the woman related.

The woman related that the suspect removed her clothing and forced himself on her in the bed next to her son who was asleep. “I begged him fuh lef we go out of the room and not to hurt me or me son, but he did drunk you could ah smell the alcohol on he and he said no fuh guh back on the bed and he tek the phone and dash it away and jump on me.”

The woman stated that when the suspect was finished he fled, but not before he issued more threats to her. Her husband later arrived home and the matter was reported to a nearby police station. The suspect was subsequently arrested during the course of the day and was placed in police custody.

According to the victim, she was told by ranks attached to the station that the suspect had confessed to the act and would not be released until he goes to court. However, she saw the suspect roaming the streets on Tuesday, November 7th, and upon enquiring at the police station she was allegedly met with hostility by the officer-in-charge.

She noted that the suspect also left with her cellular phone and that was also reported to the police, but was not investigated. “When me go to the station and ask how come the man get loose, the police in charge start fuh cuss me up, he look drunk and say he nah gah answer to me, we then went to Whim Station and they tell us to go back to the station, cause that is where is dealing with the matter, but when we go back is the same thing.”

Frustrated, the woman called the media and related her story. However, soon after the suspect was re- arrested and later released on station bail. The woman then went back to Whim to lodge a complaint, but was not satisfied with the response nor treatment and is planning to meet with the divisional commander today. The victim is pleading with the authorities to look into the matter, since she is suffering.