Man granted bail for ‘ganja’ possession


–lawyer claims he ‘had no knowledge’

A 48-YEAR-OLD Stabroek Market vendor was on Thursday released on $15,000 bail by Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan for drug possession.

Shawn Small of Newtown, Kitty denied that on October 11 at the Stabroek Market, he had eight grams of cannabis in his possession.

Small’s attorney, Clyde Forde told the court that his client has no knowledge of the suspected drugs.

The Magistrate released Small on $15,000 bail, and adjourned the matter until November

  • Ashley Singh

    For that amount of Marijuana he should be given a few hours of Community Service.

  • gtnoel

    2017 . . . and dinosaurs still rule! Marijuana is not man-made like guns, knives and vehicles. The same force that CREATED you, me, wind, water and fire created marijuana. Mental slavery is alive and well. NOT ALL MARIJUANA STRAINS ARE PSYCHOACTIVE – THC – get folks high!!! THE NON-PSYCHOACTIVE “CBD” RICH STRAIN “CHARLOTTE’s WEB” is a huge medical success in treating life-threatening or debilitating childhood illnesses such as epilepsy, severe autism and leukemia. The Indian and Chinese association with marijuana as a medicine is over NINE THOUSAND YEARS! Please, how long has WESTERN MEDICINE BEEN AROUND AND WHO OUTLAWED MARIJUANA??? Gwan with that slave mentality!