Lights green for today’s GMR&SC Caribbean Invasion

The drag strip and lights being tested prior to today’s Caribbean Invasion.

THE lights are green for today’s Caribbean Invasion Drag Race meeting set for the South Dakota Circuit from 09:00hrs.
According to information from the club, all the necessary set ups and protocols were organised for yesterday’s practice session.

“We have managed to successfully reconnect our drag strip starting tree and were able to host a successful practice session for our cars today (yesterday),” a statement said.
“We started a bit later than expected but we were able to get everything up and running and we are ready for an action packed day of racing Sunday.”

Meanwhile fans are advised to get to the circuit early if they are to secure good vantage points for the event.
Gates will be opened from 06:00hrs to ensure the smooth flow of spectator vehicles.
“We have also secured the necessary safety arrangements for those competitors in the event that something should go wrong,” the statement continued.

“Thus far, we have received in excess of fifty competitors and we successfully logged them into the system so that racing action can begin at 09:00.”
Tickets will be sold at the gate at $1000 per adult and $500 per children.
The club has also sought to remind competitors that helmets must be of a proper standard and securely fastened and the use of slippers by competitors is strictly prohibited.