Police Mounted Branch receives two weeks equitation training

Ranks of the Police Mounted Branch who received training

Ranks stationed in the Rupununi District on Wednesday concluded two weeks of equitation training at the Lethem Police Station.
Equitation is the art or practice of horse riding or horsemanship.
Press Officer Jairam Ramlakhan said the training will certainly enhance the much needed capacity for police based in the interior location with a view to the further expansion of the Police Mounted Branch.

He said the training was conducted by Assistant Superintendent of Police R .Delph and Sergeant Tony Doris of the Police Mounted Branch.
Divisional commander Senior Superintendent Ravindradat Budhram has assured that all ranks in the division will be trained in equitation.

He said seven ranks have benefited from the training and they will compliment four ranks from the Police Mounted Branch, who are based at Lethem Police Station.
Topics covered during the training include; Duties of the Mounted Branch , Care of equipment, Grooming, Feeding , Saddling , Unsaddling among others.

Currently there are eight police horses, based at the Lethem location, namely, Lionel, Princess T, Cruzad, Nico , Tumbie, Bookie, Ban and Charisso.
The trainers will this week move to Berbice, where they will conduct a similar training to ranks stationed at another section of the Police Mounted Branch, based at Mibicuri Black Bush, Polder.