Canada-bound man excretes 86 cocaine pellets

Some of the cocaine pellets excreted by the suspect

THE Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU) on Tuesday pulled a Canada-bound man off a flight at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport and the man later excreted some 86 cocaine pellets.

In a release, CANU said that Julius Fidel Watkins, 39, of 27 Second Street, Cummings Lodge, was Tuesday morning taken off a flight destined for Canada. CANU said the man was escorted to a city hospital where he was admitted, medically examined and released a total of 86 suspected cocaine-filled pellets. He is believed to have swallowed over 100 pellets.

  • Ashley Singh

    What a very lucky MULE with a very large stomach..

  • modesty blaze

    OMG over 100 pellets, only 86 accounted for….What.. .he lost a few on the way….. better check his under wear . When will these Mules fools learn, freedom is worth more than any amount of money and greed gets you nowhere..