Region 9 authorities assessing flood losses


AS farms within sections of Region Nine remain under water, the regional authorities are tallying damages, which farmers within the Rupununi have incurred as a result of the floods.

Regional Chairman, Bryan Allicock told the Guyana Chronicle on Monday that several areas within the Rupununi are still under water.

He said that several farms in the South Pakaraima have been hard hit by the flood waters, and that several village leaders have requested assistance from the region.

Allicock and several regional officials, as well as medical personnel, are expected to visit several affected areas this week to assess the situation.

He said that based on the assessments, as well as information gathered, requests may be made of the government for assistance to the affected villages.

Reports are that as much as 64 villages at Aishalton have been flattened by the flood waters. Former Toshao of Aishalton, Toney James, told the Guyana Chronicle on Monday that the rains have been pouring in the area. He said that several farms, as well as most of the landscape at a small satellite village to Aishalton, named Churikidnao, is completely destroyed.

Residents of the Rupununi have experienced severe flooding mainly in low-lying areas over the past several weeks. The floods have been attributed to rising water levels at main rivers within the region, as well as Takutu and Ireng Rivers on the border with Guyana and Brazil.