Prison brawl turns deadly

Dead: Neshan Jagmohan known as ‘Bully’

-murder accused stabbed to death, brother critical

A BRAWL at the New Amsterdam Prison has left one brother dead and another in a critical condition following a fight at the facility, located at Penitentiary walk, New Amsterdam.
Dead is 27-year-old Neshan Jagmohan known as “Bully”, while his 23-year-old brother, Ramnarine Jagmohan is currently battling for his life at the New Amsterdam Hospital; they both previously lived at Hamphshire Squatting Area. They have been on remand since 2013 for the murder of a businessman. Neshan is a father of five while Ramnarine is a father of one.

The New Amsterdam Prison

This newspaper understands that Ramnarine received several stab wounds to his neck and chest, while his younger brother also received injuries in the region of the chest. Director of Prison, Gladwin Samuels told Guyana Chronicle that an improvised weapon was used to carry out the attack on the brothers. He noted that the police are continuing their investigations.
The incident occurred at approximately 14:30 hrs on Wednesday, when three murder accused pounced on the two inmates as they returned from court. The suspects have been identified as 25-year-old Dillon Boucher of Haslington, East Coast Demerara, 23-year-old Ramchand Latchman of Number 65 Village, Corentyne and Rooplall Abrahim of Lot 4, Bath Settlement,W.C.B.
According to reports, as the brothers were heading into their cells, the trio cornered them and inflicted several stab wounds with an improvised weapon. Up to press time, it was still unclear as to what prompted the incident.
The mother of the two inmates, Pamilla Jagmohan, told the Guyana Chronicle that she saw her sons earlier at the Albion Magistrate’s Court but they returned to the prison after the Magistrate failed to show up.

The improvised weapons which were seized

“Me cook duck curry and take fuh them and they seem ok. Meh seh like dem people go kill out ayo in here. Every time them ah give ayo date fuh come and ah magistrate ah just postpone am or he nah ah come …and he meh left and come way,” the grieving mother said.
She related that at around 17:00hrs, several relatives came by her home and asked if she knew what occurred at the prison with her sons.
“Them come tell me them see pon the internet, them boy get stab up , suh me just get up and rush to go down at the hospital …until now me ah wait fuh hear what happen,” the distraught woman told this newspaper.
Jagmohan said she wants justice for her sons and for the authorities to get to the bottom of the story. When this newspaper caught up with the mother, she and her husband were sitting at the entrance to the New Amsterdam Prison awaiting information from officials; they were subsequently given permission to visit the other injured son at the New Amsterdam Hospital.
The brothers were charged with the murder of businessman, Devendra Deodat called “Dave”, of Lot 72 Hampshire Village.The businessman was shot and chopped during an armed

Parents of the two brothers, Pamilla Jagmohan and Jagdat Jagmohan

robbery at his home on October 13, 2013 .His father-in-law, Rafeel Abdul was also shot twice during the attack when he came to the rescue of the family.
The businessman’s wife, Shaneza Deodat was not spared the attack as she too was also injured.