Bunbury hopes to break land in September for US$215M facility in Ituni

An artist’s impression of the Alex Bunbury Sports and Academic Academy

ALEX Bunbury, the Guyanese-born Canadian football Hall of Fame player, is happy that his dream project – a sports and academic academy – is closer to being realised.
Bunbury told Chronicle Sport last evening he’s hoping to break ground for the US$215M facility in September, as he awaits approval from the Government of Guyana.
The 49-year-old, who rose to fame with Club Sport Marítimo; a professional club that competes in Portugal’s Primeira Liga, explained “not a dime of Government’s money will be spent on this project, but there are other areas that we asked to partner with them, so we’re awaiting its approval in Parliament.”.

Ituni, a small community located on the long trail from Linden to Kwakwani in Region 10, is the location designated to host the Alex Bunbury Sports and Academics Academy (ABSAA).
Baker Barrios Architects Inc., an Orlando-based architecture and engineering group conceptualised the design for the project.
Bunbury said that the facility will be fully funded by a Canadian investment firm, but could not have disclosed further information, based on a ‘non- discloser agreement’ with the anonymous entity.

However, the Plaisance native believes that the facility, with all things being equal, should be fully realised by 2020.
“This will be huge for Guyana,” Bunbury said, adding, “I’m excited, this is a dream come true, for Guyana really, because this is about creating hope for young people there (in Guyana), and this also have huge tourism potential.”

Bunbury is well connected and respected within the football landscape internationally, especially in Portugal where he holds his former club’s all-time leading goal-scoring record.
“The idea is to have the facility also used by teams from all over the world and could potentially bring about 15 000 to 20 000 people here annually based on my projections. The project will also create employment,” said Bunbury.