Former magistrate appointed Solicitor General

Newly-appointed Solicitor General Kim Kyte

FORMER Magistrate Kim Kyte has been appointed Solicitor General within the Ministry of Legal Affairs and Attorney General’s Chambers. Kyte’s appointment becomes effective on May 16.

She replaces Sita Ramlall who retired some months ago. Kyte was selected from a long list of applicants following intense interviews conducted by Justices Claudette Singh, James Patterson and Professor Harold Lutchman.

The former Magistrate who had returned to private practice thanked God for granting her the opportunity,even as she said she was humbled to again serve Guyana.

She explained that she first served her country as state prosecutor many years ago. “My country has always been a priority for me,” she said while noting that the concept of love for country was instilled in her as a student of President’s College.

“I have always wanted to serve my people and my country and I am very happy and I thank God most of all for this opportunity. I really love Guyana and I’ve always put my country first,” the attorney stated.

Kyte told Guyana Chronicle that when she takes office she intends to coordinate resources and organise state files that fall within her portfolio. She assured that she has “new ideas to bring on stream” to ensure that the service provided to the people of Guyana is not below standard.

Referencing the issue of private legal practitioners being used to represent the state instead of state attorneys, the newly-appointed Solicitor General made it clear that there is a great need for better management of state counsel.

She noted that in the past there were cases where matters were given to private attorneys but the Attorney General was never informed of same. As such she emphasised the need to have a proper data entry system, so as to be able to track all activities of the Ministry of Legal Affairs and the Attorney General’s Chambers.

The Solicitor General believes that there should be sufficient capacity in house so as to prevent the sourcing of private attorneys to represent the state. Additionally, notion of continuous legal education is deemed critical and it is her intention to ensure that all state counsel are continuously trained so as to remain relevant in today’s ever evolving society.

“…that is what I will bring on stream for state counsel;that is the only way you’re going to remain relevant,” Kyte stated. Meanwhile, the former magistrate who served as State Counsel for three years (2004 to 2007) is also the holder of two Masters Degrees:a Masters in Law from the University of London and a Masters in Criminology and Criminal Justice from the same University.

An affiliate of the Guyana Bar Association, the Guyana Association of Women Lawyers, Advocates Guyana, Advocates Caribbean, and the Georgetown Prison Visiting Committee,Kyte also lectures at the University of Guyana, Department of Law.

She has been there since 2001 and has lectured in the areas of Real Property (Land Law), Company Law, Family Law, Law of Trusts, Law of Tort, Contract Law, and Commercial Law.

Additionally, she served in the Chambers of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) as State Counsel from 2001 to 2004,while during that time she also lectured at a police prosecutors’ course and provided legal opinions for the DPP and advice on files for the Guyana Police Force.

Moreover, Kyte has served as a consultant to several firms including, Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Limited (2014), the European Union (2012), the Canadian High Commission (2008) and as UNICEF’s Human Rights Project Manager (2007-2008).