Youth of Guyana deserve better


Dear Editor
THE Granger Administration has lost precious political capital at the hands of a number of Government Ministers. However, there is one minister in particular who has managed to continuously expend political capital driving a wedge between the people and this administration in the process.
Minister within the Ministry of Education, the Hon Nicolette Henry, has overtime proven that indeed she is a square peg being forced into a round hole. Her approach, style and tact are certainly not befitting her post and if in doubt, review her department over the last 23 months and see the number of national controversies that has stemmed from that office.
In this letter, I choose not to highlight the ills of Minister Henry as I believe they are known to all and I’d rather not beat a dead horse. I however, wish to signal, that as a youth of this country, I am ready to see the back of Minister Nicolette Henry. President Granger has a few critical decisions to make if he’s to be re-elected, one being the selection of a Fit and Proper candidate to be the next Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport.
My take is, if President Granger doesn’t make this known beforehand, it is going to hurt voters’ turnout as it relates to the Youth demographic in 2020. Fact is, Minister Nicolette Henry does not deserve to complete a full term in office, let alone a second term. President Granger has got to find someone who can work with the youth, one who understands the importance of youth development for nation-building and bringing people together, one who will not butcher national events and holidays and certainly one who is not fazed by the success of those beneath him/her, but understands that leaders raise up other leaders which is a cycle of a sustained legacy.
The youth demographic of this nation is the deciding force as it relates to who gets elected and that can be accomplished by voting or abstaining from voting. Considering the fact that a case has already been made about little to no youth representation at the helm of our governance structures, that is, Cabinet and Parliament, the Granger administration really needs to get its act together and not take things for granted. Youth are the engine of growth and development, hence we are not the future we are the NOW and in simple terms, we the youth of Guyana deserve better,Mr President.
Clayon F. Halley