Abysmal performance under the IMC


Dear Editor,
THE abysmal and unacceptable performance of GuySuCo’s IMC continues unabated, although the taxpayers of this country are required to pay these men millions per month. After 10 weeks of operation in the first crop 2017 at week-ending April 22, 2017, the industry produced about 41,000t of sugar or 55% achievement of its target , which is just over 74,000t. At this time, according to the industry’s production plan, it should have produced about 66,000t sugar. This means that sugar production is lagging by some 25,000t. It will take at least six weeks from here on, at 5,000t per week, to achieve the target. In the first place, did GuySuCo have sufficient canes to produce the 74,000t it set itself to make? It is impossible to realise the target since cane harvesting would not be possible in the upcoming rainy season.
From the present grinding pattern, it is clear that the crop is coming to an end and from all indications, the crop-performance will be the worst in recent memory. As I said before, the GuySuCo’s IMC is very consistent in delivering record poor performances. The highly-paid team delivered the lowest production in 25 years in year 2016 and is well on their way to deliver yet another record-lowest, first- crop production in 25 years. Sugar recovery is extremely poor and the IMC appears to be quite pleased with blaming everything under the sun except themselves. Not so long ago, they took credit for 2015’s performance, citing good management and rewarded themselves with fabulous salaries and perks.
In the meantime, the IMC has a platoon of executive pensioners on excursion from estate to estate swallowing scarce resources and not bringing any value to the business. The overall performance confirms this. It is instructive to note that Albion, Blairmont and Uitvlugt Estates have achieved 67%, 77% and 79% of their targets respectively as at week-ending April 22, 2017. Will the Gov’t ask why such poor performance at all estates, especially those which His Excellency announced that he will retain? Editor, I am certain that GuySuCo and the IMC boys are considering their scapegoat at this time for the crop’s dismal performance. Undoubtedly, the upcoming rainy weather and the demotivated workers would certainly be blamed.
Having taken such an inordinately long time to announce its crop target at the beginning of the year, it is logical to assume that the IMC must have considered the impacts of the last El Nino and La Nina phenomena, workers’ morale, poor cane growth in the fields, etc, etc in arriving at the target of just over 74,000t. If these variables were not factored into the schedule, it is proof that incompetence in GuySuCo’s management has reached new heights. The volatile and poor relationship between workers and GuySuCo’s bureaucrats is a direct result of GuySuCo’s irresponsible IMC causing workers to react in defence of their livelihoods. The IMC has effectively placed Gov’t in an embarrassing position politically, economically and socially and justifies the closure of estates.
Sookram Persaud