GuySuCo moves head office to LBI, Ogle complex to become training facility

The former head office of GuySuCo at Ogle, East Coast Demerara

The Guyana Sugar Corporation Inc. (GuySuCo) wishes to inform members of the public that its Head Office locations at Ogle Estate, East Coast, Demerara and Camp Street will be operational from the La Bonne Intention (LBI) Estate compound from Monday.

The Ogle location housed the offices of the Chief Executive, the Finance and Human Resources Directors along with the Finance, Marketing, Legal and Human Resources Departments for more than fifteen (15) years.  The Information Systems Department at Camp Street will also be relocated to LBI.

The Materials Management Department (MMD) which is also found in the Ogle Estate compound will remain at the same location as well as the Ogle Diagnostic Centre (ODC), until further notice.

Other departments that constitute the Head Office and already located at LBI are; the Agriculture Research Centre, the Factory Operations Department, the recently resuscitated Field Equipment Unit, the Agriculture Engineering Department, Cane Farming and; the Occupational Health and Safety department. The move is a part of the Corporation’s programme to rationalize and re-organise to become more resilient and sustainable. The Ogle Estate compound will be converted into a National Training Complex.

Back in February 2016 President David Granger had conducted a survey of Ogle location as a possible location for establishment of the Public Service Staff College. During the visit, GuySuCo Chief Executive Officer Errol Hanoman had announced the plans to move the company’s operations, and, as such, the premises will be vacant. He noted then that the building and other facilities at the location have the potential to be developed and used as a training complex.

A release from the Ministry of the Presidency had quoted President Granger saying that upon his assumption to office, he had made it clear that the future of Guyana depends on an efficient, reliable and dependable Public Service. Therefore, training in key areas is critical to ensuring that this goal is accomplished. The Head of State had announced that the college is expected to have four faculties: International Relations (Foreign Service), Defence, Public Administration and Information Technology.

“I have no interest in having an unprofessional Public Service…I also said that I did not just want an efficient Public Service, but an ‘unbribable’ Public Service; professional people, people who can do their trade and people who are prepared to do their jobs without fear or favour,” he said. The college is expected to provide university level diploma qualifications, and the President expects that, with this training, within the next four to five years, the level of professionalism in the Public Service would be much higher than it is today.

“I don’t want people walking off the street to become Public Servants, because in the Public Service, the Foreign Service, every branch of government, I expect professionals, and part of professionalism is knowledge. You can’t be a professional unless you know what you are doing; and to gain that knowledge, you need to be trained,” President Granger said.