US$33M Three-Phase baseball home likely for Guyana

Guyana could see a facility like this once the project is approved.

… MLB/World Baseball officials set for May 25 visit

CABINET is considering approval for a three-phase facility to be the home of baseball locally, according to sources within the Government of Guyana.
Chronicle Sport was reliably informed that Major League Baseball (MLB) and World Baseball officials are expected in the country on May 25, to examine the possible area where the facility is to be constructed.

Chronicle Sport also understands that the facility will be located in a central area.
A call to the president of the GBL, Robin Singh, confirmed that there are moves afoot to get the facility up and running and there are sponsors ready to invest once approval is given.
“This project is the result of visionary thinking at the beginning of the cycle. We endured various ups and downs as a sport, some of our ideas worked, some failed to fire the imagination and we learned our lessons along the way,” he said.

He noted that the project will be undertaken in three phases with all of the funding expected from international corporate sources, including an MLB Franchise who will utilise the facility to establish the first MLB Academy in the country.
Also on board is Japanese sport equipment and sportswear giant, Mizuno, while one other company is expected to make a sizable investment once the approval is given.
Meanwhile prominent Attorney-at-Law Mr Kashir Khan has been appointed Chairman of Board of Directors and is tasked with overseeing the transition needs of the Amateur sporting organisation to a professional business.

Mr Christopher Bassoo of Bassoo Global has been asked by the incoming board of the GBL to serve as Chief Operations Officer for the Project and has responsibility to manage costs and ensure timely delivery of the various aspects of the project.
Mr Bassoo will serve as an ex-officio member of the GBL Board.
The GBL Board has also instructed Company president Robin Singh to institute a search for a new Chief Executive Officer from among the ranks of former MLB players. Singh will continue to act as CEO until such time as an appointment is made.

The primary area of the facility will be a baseball field. However, there will be other support facilities such as gyms, pool and an indoor multi-purpose sport facility to be built with the facility expected to serve as more than just a home for baseball.
The GBL is also expected to begin talks shortly with members of the Guyana Olympic Association for inclusion of amenities for other sporting disciplines such as basketball, badminton and tennis courts. There is also the option of including newer sports such as fencing
The facility is expected to cost US$33M.

  • Raphael Shaw

    Guyana is not a baseball and basket ball audience.
    We are guyanese and we love cricket. No problem with the other sports but who is paying for this 3 phase court????????????

    • plantain

      Thank you Raphael…the people in Guyana will end up paying for “whatever,”this is for someone higher up & their friends to make money..

      No respect for our culture & way of life, if its anything to do with America, you better believe they are in it to make a pretty penny.

      • Raphael Shaw

        A little late but thanks for the back up P.
        Hope it does not end up like the durban park project. a few elite including a minister was directors of a company that did work for durban park.
        So far they have not disclosed the amount of money spend but they used taxpayers money to pay and refusing to tell the public.
        The bleachers were to be dismantled and send to other community centers, but to today, they are still at durban park.

    • Leon Williams

      Did you read the article before u commented ? It clearly states that international investors will be paying for the project it just needs government approval. The article even named some if the investor smh.

  • this truly sounds like a pipe dream but i do wish them the best!

  • Robinone

    All funding is from private sources outside of Guyana, this is much needed Direct foreign investment, I fail to see the threat to cricket which has had a 150 year head start and 100 fields in place.

    • i am a big fan of baseball and i do hope the dream of baseball in Guyana comes true!