PPP’s past catching up with it


Dear Editor,
I HAVE a problem when pretenders of knowledge try to camouflage reality. I am not a political analyst, thus much of what Mr Bhandu wrote in Kaieteur (19th March, 2017) and has written about in the past I ignore. However, to say that President Granger’s, and by extension the coalition, mode of governance is the reason for Burnham’s seeming popularity is preposterous in the least. Burnham, The Caribbean Man of the 20th Century, did not have to await the APNU-AFC coalition to become popular.
The wheeling and dealing that took place in and around the nation’s coffers and resources during the last twelve years of the PPP/C administration, seemed not kosher at times. Thus it was incumbent for the current administration to restore a level of trust in state organs and actors that investigations be done to determine what really took place during the years of the PPP/C in office.
The evidence unearthed to date indicates that many who were placed in positions of responsibility while the PPP/C was in government were involved in activities which can only be considered criminal. The transfer of wealth from state to private individuals were at a scale never before seen in the Caribbean, some say in South America. Yes Mr Bhandu, the people the government is after are criminals, who have committed crimes against the state. To those reading, this the above dealt with some aspects in Mr Bhandu’s letter that I consider erroneous.
The area where I am in agreement with him is where he speculates what could happen to the party vis-a-vis governance of Guyana, in the near future. While Bhandu speculates that the leadership of the PPP/C would be too exhausted from defending themselves to successfully launch a campaign to get back in office, I am of the opinion that if the government is successful in proving to the Guyanese people through the courts that indeed many within the PPP/C leadership ran criminal enterprises while in government, the people simply would not have faith to give them the mandate to govern Guyana.
Mr Bhandu would want us to believe that the undoing of the PPP/C chances in 2020 shall be due to perceived machinations of the PNC and the ABC countries, but what is becoming evidently clearer is its leadership’s past is catching up with it, and definitely poised to hurt it again in 2020.
Elton McRae