Hotel owner charged with hiring hitman, granted bail

Ganesh Rajkumar

A businessman was granted $1.5M bail after he was charged with soliciting a man to commit murder.

Ganesh Rajkumar, 65, of Durban and Henry Streets, appeared before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan on Monday and was not required to plead to the charge which stated that on August 25, 2016 at Durban and Henry Streets, he solicited Mark Sandy to murder Roger Conners.

The accused was represented by Senior Counsel, Neil Boston, who told the court the allegation was made by Sandy after he learned that Rajkumar was entering a sizable deal with a bank, to pump money into his business. Boston added that Sandy’s allegation is a failed extortion attempt.

He added that Sandy was employed by the accused, Rajkumar, who is the owner of the Arawak Hotel in Corriverton, Berbice. It is believed that he also has a number of mining concessions.

Police prosecutor Corporal Deniro Jones objected to bail for Rajkumar based on the nature of the offense and the penalty attached. Jones added that Rajkumar has the means not only to flee the jurisdiction, but also to interfere with the witnesses.

Rajkumar’s defense attorney rebutted that the only witness for the prosecution would be Sandy. He added that his client has cooperated throughout with police officers, which represents good faith. Bail was granted and Rajkumar will return to court on March 28, 2017.