Bayroc president says facility had been identified for FIFA Goal Project


By Joe Chapman

PRESIDENT of the Bayroc Community Centre,Lance Easton,yesterday afternoon said that as far as he was aware they are looking forward to the FIFA Goal (Special) Project coming to that facility,but the recent announcement that a 400m Synthetic Track being placed there and which would cost $210M from government coffers,was news to him.
Easton said that there was a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed and he recalled that in 2014 this activity began to take shape for the Goal Pproject when Sharma Solomon was regional Chairman of Region 10 (Upper Demerara/ Berbice) and president of the Upper Demerara Football Association (UDFA).When new Regional Chairman, Renis Morian,took over from Solomon, the plan remained that Bayroc would have the facility.
Easton said he was there when Chairman of the Guyana Football Federation’s Normalising Committee,Clinton Urling,called concerning this project being done at Bayroc,to the Regional Chairman’s Office. He said Member of Parliament,Jermaine Figuiera,was told of this project then but never came to the office to discuss this matter at the time the discussion was going on.
According to Easton,over the past two years the matter went as far as obtaining a lease of ownership for FIFA with Director of Sport Christopher Jones. He said the matter was also discussed when Jones was in Linden where he met with various sports organisations at the Linden Concert Hall and School (LICHAS), and another time when Mayor Holland brought up sports administrator Joseph’ Reds’ Perreira to meet with several sports bodies and discuss the administration of sport in the Mining Town. The topic of the FIFA Goal Project was again discussed. So it is disappointing that Mr Figuiera seemingly does not know about this being a priority for the Bayroc Community Centre ground, Easton lamented.
Minister of State,Joseph Harmon,who got involved in this issue and Easton noted there was also a letter prepared pertaining to the ownership with the involvement of Mayor of Linden Carwyn Holland, so that the project could be pushed ahead without any hindrances as required by FIFA,the world governing body of football.
Speaking about the first consultation done at the Linden Enterprise Network (LEN),Easton said he was unaware about this while notably the Mackenzie Sports Club was represented. Easton said he was not invited and he questioned that if the funds for the track was mainly for the laying of the track, he wondered where the other money was coming from , at the very least,to have the track fenced for security purposes.
The Bayroc top official said he was aware that the Providence FIFA Goal Project would be the first and then FIFA had identified the one at Bayrock to be a Special Project.