GGDMA denies only big miners cashing in on concessions


THE Guyana Gold and Diamond Miners Association (GGDMA) on Thursday reminded all categories of miners that concessions being granted by the government is meant for all miners and not only one category.
The Association sought to dispel what it considered to be rumours it believes are aimed at dividing miners,in a statement to the media. The statement said, “All miners can have access to the various tax concessions offered by the Government of Guyana once their taxes are in order.”
The GGDMA said that in order to benefit from the concessions, miners have to comply with the tributors’ withholding, and property taxes and must also maintain a registry of the names, addresses and Tax Payer Identification Number (TIN) of all employees.
“The Association wishes to point out that there have been slanderous statements and rumors that have been peddled by persons who are bent on causing division in the sector, by giving the public the impression that only some selected miners have access to these concessions. This is far from the Truth!” the statement said.
Additionally, the GGDMA made it clear that all miners,once tax compliant,can access concessions for mining equipment, spares and fuel among other items. Miners who need assistance relative to the concessions are asked to visit the Association’s office located at 29 North Road Bourda.