Not the right time for metered parking


Dear Editor

IN an effort to control the current ongoing traffic congestion mainly in Georgetown, the Government through the Mayor and City Council, introduced Guyanese to the ‘parking meters’.
The minds behind this initiative are of some concern to me since, there is always some agenda hidden behind political status, so one has to sit and think of whether the current system was introduced as a means to an end or just another tactic to continue political corruption.

With all that being said, I believe the parking meter system is a great initiative. However, $58.00 per every 15 minutes (vat inclusive) is blatantly harsh and does not support our nation’s motto (One People, One Nation, One Destiny). The main task of any government is to minimise poverty and boost prosperity. Adding another bill to people’s monthly expenses is contrary to what I think governance is about. Very often Guyanese people will compare Guyana to ‘America’ (North America) saying things like: “If them went in America them wouldda had to pay.” That is besides the concerns of the people as it relates to the parking meters. What people fail to acknowledge is that ‘America’ is economically stable and strong. The economic status of Guyana and North America are vastly different and the comparison is simply not fair. There is so much to be taken into consideration if Guyanese are going to compare Guyana to the North America, Guyanese people please stop it.

Another way that the government can curb the traffic situation and discipline road users is by introducing the ‘ticket system’ a system being used by the famous and envied ‘America’. This system is used when and if a road user violates the road laws they pay a fine/penalty. Some people say that the parking meter system is a leaf on the tree of economic development; I say yes it is, but paying an additional $37,000 per month for a career person like a nurse or teacher is absurd and the government should be ashamed. It is a death sentence and a burden to the nation. The nation is crying and the government needs to listen.

I think if we take it one day at a time and make some change in high places we will see lasting progress in this nation and our economic trees will flourish. Praise God and may God bless this wealthy nation.

Abigail Bijader