Target revealed in Mexico bar shooting

People inside the club ducked and hid behind furniture when the shots rang out

[BBC] – The Attorney-General of the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, where five people were killed in a shooting in a club on Monday, says the target of the attack was a Mexican man.

The Blue Parrot club was hosting the closing night of an electronic music festival and was packed with music fans, many of them foreigners. Among those who died were a Canadian, an Italian and a US citizen.

But the gunman was targeting a man from Veracruz, the attorney-general said.

‘Personal conflict’

“Suddenly a person enters the club through the main door and heads directly for this particular individual and shoots,” Attorney-General Miguel Angel Pech told Mexican radio station Radio Formula.

“This individual, who was Mexican, from [the state of] Veracruz. unfortunately loses his life.”

Three of the people who were shot dead were members of the festival’s security team, organisers said. Mr Pech said they had tried to protect the man from Veracruz.

The fifth victim was a woman who died of injuries sustained in a fall during the chaos which followed the firing of the shots, when guests ran for the exits in panic.

Mr Pech had earlier said that among those killed were two Canadians, an Italian and a Colombian. But in a subsequent news conference he corrected this to say the victims were one Canadian, an Italian, a US citizen and two Mexicans.

Fifteen people were injured. Quintana Roo Governor Roberto Borge said the gunman and the victim from Veracruz had “a personal conflict”.

Four people have been detained. The club was hosting the closing night of the BPM festival, a popular event which attracts thousands of electronic and dance music fans from around the world.