Sunrise Centre commissioned in Essequibo — “The symbolic dawn of a new day,” says First Lady

President David Granger (partly hidden behind the First Lady), First Lady Sandra Granger and Mrs. Supriya Singh-Bodden help Mrs. Seraji Sankar to cut the ribbon to officially open the Guyana Foundation Sunrise Centre at Zorg-En-Vlygt, Essequibo Coast  

THE Guyana Foundation’s Sunrise Centre at Zorg-En-Vlygt, Essequibo Coast, was commissioned on Saturday. The first of its kind to be established by the Foundation, this centre offers counselling, skills training, and support to individuals and families across the Essequibo Coast.

First Lady Mrs. Sandra Granger has described the commissioning of this centre as “the symbolic dawn of a new day” for the county of Essequibo. She said it is a proud moment for the Foundation and for the people of Essequibo. She also said the opening of the centre was timely, as Guyana celebrates Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights, which spiritually signifies the triumph of good over evil and the renewal of hope.

President David Granger and First Lady Mrs. Sandra Granger (centre) and Mrs. Supriya Singh-Bodden pose with the participants who had successfully completed the various courses over the last few months 
President David Granger and First Lady Mrs. Sandra Granger (centre) and Mrs. Supriya Singh-Bodden pose with the participants who had successfully completed the various courses over the last few months 

“The name itself reflects the thought and planning which went into this centre,” she said. “The Guyana Foundation recognised a need and was determined to develop a holistic approach to address the issues which had been identified. These include depression and hopelessness, joblessness, and the need for empowerment of women and young people.

“What we have seen here is a sunrise: the symbolic dawn of a new day here on the Essequibo Coast. This is a day on which people can wake up to the promise of a difference in their lives. They know that regardless of gender, race, age, or religion, they can come to this centre to meet their peers or seek counselling. They can share their thoughts and feelings about the things that affect their daily lives, and perhaps find the solution to some of [them],” Mrs. Granger said.

“This centre — your centre — has already begun to make its mark in the communities it serves,” Mrs. Granger continued. “The public hospital at Suddie is referring clients for counselling, and this centre assists persons whose ages range from under-18 to over 66 years old. It has facilitated two Gaining Opportunities and Living Skills (GOALS) workshops at the centre itself.

“The Foundation, throughout its relatively short life, has been providing material and other support to communities needing such assistance in several areas of our country. This Sunrise Centre underlines its commitment to its vision and its mission, which were clearly stated when it was formally established in January 2013,” the First Lady explained.

Although officially commissioned only on Saturday, 34 persons have already graduated from the centre in skills training programmes such as catering, floral arrangement, electrical installation, tie-dye and batik designing, and doll making.

Mrs. Supriya Singh-Bodden, founder of The Guyana Foundation, said the Sunrise Centre is part of the Foundation’s ongoing efforts to provide urgently-needed services that would afford persons a better quality of life.

The centre has even secured a market in the Grand Cayman Islands for the products which are produced in the fabric designing class, she said.

“A three-month pilot phase was successfully completed recently, and orders have already been secured from a leading fashion house in the Cayman Islands to purchase all pieces prepared by the design course,” she said.

Mrs. Singh-Bodden disclosed that 80 per cent of the focus of The Guyana Foundation’s work programme would now be directed towards the centre, and towards establishing similar hubs across the country. _dsc0931

Most of the facilitators and mental health counsellors attached to the centre hail from the community itself, in keeping with the Foundation’s vision for the centre to be grassroots-based and staffed by individuals who understand the challenges in the nearby communities.

Graduates from several of the skills training programmes have said that the centre has given them a new lease on life, and that they are optimistic about their job prospects.

Kevin Gangoo, who graduated from the electrical installation class, said, “It was a gift that, after enrolling here, we got the ideas, knowledge and experience that we need. I want to thank the Foundation for thinking about Essequibo and giving us this programme here.”

The opening ceremony of this centre was graced by the presence of the matriarch of the Kayman Sankar Family in Essequibo, Mrs. Seraji Sankar.

(Ministry of the Presidency)