The Islamic New Year 1438AH


Dear Editor
THE Anna Catherina Islamic Complex AA (ACIC) and The Guyana United Sadr Islamic Anjuman (GUSIA) extend to the Muslim community here and abroad and the wider Guyanese community, warm greetings for the commencement of the Muslim New Year 1438AH, (which is expected to commence on Sunday October 2, 2016)One of the usual ways to commence any new year is the setting of new goals and resolutions for personal transformation and improvement. It is our hope that the New Year will also usher in an era of even greater progress in our country. We call on every Muslim to contribute to the peaceful process of development in our country. We urge our political leaders to resolve to talk to each other and to find solutions at the table of consultations to the many issues which need to be addressed. Resolutions  and goals are powerful tools to help you potentially shape your destiny and therefore our resolutions and goals should include at this time, the intention to contribute in whatever way we can to the shaping of a great future for our country. The lives of all those people in humanity who achieved remarkable successes was done simply by being committed to their goals.
Among millions of examples, we see a powerful example in the life of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.S), whose endless efforts and perseverance with the help of Allah, brought guidance to humanity at large. Through wisdom, hard work, commitment, perseverance, and God’s will, we can achieve anything which we set out to achieve. But you cannot be better today if you did not set out to become better yesterday and took the necessary action for that betterment. Today, our country is plagued with the concern of every citizen of the high level of corruption, whether evident or perceived. The onus is on those in leadership positions to create policies that will eradicate those thoughts of every level-minded citizen of this country, that corruption pervades this society at unacceptable levels. It may not be possible to eradicate corruption totally from our society, but it is how the leadership handles any corruption when exposed. Everyone in a leadership position, small or big, must lend a voice against corruption, violence and other forms of evil, which controls are within us.
Remember the process of setting goals and resolutions requires that you actually take time to analyse where you stand and chart out what you want to become. Similarly, this is a strong message for all of us, especially our politicians of this country. More often, we are held back because of procrastination and habits that are difficult to change. Let us start the change today – both in our personal self and in our country. Let us embark on a personal transformation that can help make us, our families, our community, our country and the world around us even stronger. Let us start the change today – take the time to know ourselves better – identify our weaknesses and commit to eliminate them. Assess our strengths and use them for meaningful pursuits. Make our relationship with our Creator even stronger. Because if we don’t take the step, Allah may not help us.
The lunar Islamic Calendar began its calculation after the migration of Prophet Muhammad to Medina. The first month of the calendar is Muharram, in which the 10th day (called Ashura) is significant not only to Muslims, but humanity. The 10th day of Muharram (Ashura) therefore is very auspicious to Muslims and is observed with fasting, prayers and special programmes at the various mosques.
Hakeem Khan
President General –ACIC